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How does it work?

  1. Fill in all details requested.
  2. You can email any relevant documents separately to the lawyer. 10 PAGES MAXIMUM.
  3. Select the lawyer.
  4. Your lawyer will call you within 1 business day to understand your case, or you can contact the lawyer after payment.
  5. Your lawyer will review your case along with relevant documents, and prepare the legal notice.
  6. Your lawyer will mail the legal notice to the opposing party by courier (mailing fee is included in the price).
  7. For your reference, the lawyer will deliver a copy of the legal notice to you electronically to the email address provided.
  8. If there is a conflict of interest with the lawyer (i.e. the lawyer is representing or has previously represented the opposing party), then the lawyer will notify you and we will refund your full payment.
  9. For any further correspondence, please work directly with your lawyer.
  10. This service is for individuals only, not for corporates.